Lower First Cost:

Hot-dip galvanizing steel is lower in cost than most other commonly used protective steel coatings.

Lowest Long Term Cost:

Due to galvanized steels longevity of life and durability, it is more cost effective than cheaper alternative coatings and requires less maintenance.

Sacrificial Protection:

Bare, damaged areas on hot dip galvanized steel are still protected from corrosion as the zinc coating surrounding those areas provide sacrificial, cathodic protection.


ASTM standards assure that the galvanized coating is reliably protecting the steel and life spans are predictable.


Galvanized coatings are easily inspected by sight; thickness testing is carried out by means of a non-destructive matter to the product.


The metallurgical bond galvanizing provides, gives it an advantage over other coatings should materials get damaged during transport, assembly or regular wear and tear.

Long Life:

Life expectancy of galvanized steel can be in excess of 50+ years. It is not uncommon for galvanized steel to last from 20 to 25 years in the most severe urban and coastal environments.