What We Galvanize

Hot-dip galvanizing a horse structure
We’ll hot-dip galvanize your fabricated steel items in one of our two kettles containing molten zinc.

  • Structural steel components
  • Expanded metal
  • Structural bolts
  • Grating
  • Vehicle components
  • Trailer frames

  • Prefabricated building components
  • Light standards
  • Pipe handrails
  • Chains and anchors
  • Rebar


Silver City Galvanizing Also Offers

Pickling of Steel

Pickling is the process of cleaning steel before galvanizing by immersing steel into a bath of hot sulfuric acid. The Acid removes mill scale and rust from the steel. Prior to the Acid stage, steel is soaked in a hot alkaline solution to remove dirt, oil, grease, shop oil, and soluble markings.

Pickle, Oil and Plug

Pickle, oil and plug involves cleaning straight pipes up to and including 21 feet and a maximum of 12 inches in diameter in a hot alkaline solution, then immersing them in a bath of hot sulfuric acid. Oiling pipes will temporarily prevent corrosion from attacking steels before being put into use in the hydraulics industry.